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Alex Ries
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hey Folks!

Over on Patreon I am releasing a never before seen Birrin image peice by peice; one completed several years ago. Here are some WIPS...

Take202 by Abiogenisis

Head on over and check it out!


'Cresting Wave'
[A never before released image of a birrin seaplane from 2010! You can check out the process of producing it on my Patreon:]

Built from plans that predate the Fall, the Cresting Wave is a major component in southern logistics and passenger transport on the Birrin world. As a flying boat, it is an ideal vehicle to service the lakebound cities of the floating forest and the numerous towns and settlements that dot the coasts of Tuetalli.

Flying wings, in vogue at the time of the Cresting Wave’s initial design, offer advantages in lift to weight ratio. With two fuselages blended into the wing as sturdy hulls, much of the centre wing section can be loaded with freight. The flight crew is situated in the starboard fuselage and both of these reinforced structures can either house passengers or even more cargo.

To avoid water ingestion the engines are mounted in a tall dorsal nacelle, turbojets stacked vertically and sharing common paired intake slots that can be shuttered during surface operations; retractable propellers in both fuselages then provide slow but quiet and efficient propulsion.

The design has several limitations that have prevent its adoption much beyond the southern cities; several fatal accidents have been attributed to ‘tumbling’ of the high aspect ratio wings, and the relatively small engine nacelle reduces carrying capacity and results in long take-off runs. Additionally, the vehicle sits so low in the water that high seas render lift-off and landing risky endeavours. 

In spite of these issues large numbers of the vehicles remain in operation, in some cases simply out of habit or the inability to now afford something better. With reclamation efforts in the Kiln now increasing on both sides of the ocean, several Cresting Waves have been given larger engines and sent into the burning equatorial coasts to bring valuable pre-Fall salvage (among other things) south.

Hey Folks!

Over on Patreon I am releasing a never before seen Birrin image peice by peice; one completed several years ago. Here are some WIPS...

Take202 by Abiogenisis

Head on over and check it out!
All slots taken, thanks!

The Lord and the Colonel by Abiogenisis  Winding Down by Abiogenisis  CNSA Nanking by Abiogenisis  P-26A Peashooters by Abiogenisis

Price Guides: 

Black and White Sketch - $100

Coloured Line Art - $250

Full Colour Character - $200

Full Colour Scene $400+

I can offer scifi, wildlife and most other form of illustration from sketches to complete detailed scenes.

Drop me a note if you're interested to discuss your ideas and a price quote.

My site has some examples of work not found here as well -
Every image of the Birrin wearing clothing seems to confound people as to how they put it on.

My answer is via a combination of beak and limb use, but the fact that I have to explain it so often means there is something wrong with my visual communication.

How do you guys think a creature like the birrin would use clothing? What would make it clear they could put it on?

Bonus Question: Would complex human clothing look intuitive to wear if we had 6 legs?
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The Roof of the World

Evolving in sweltering, humid wetlands, preindustrial Birrin found the frozen places of their world among the most forbidding. A hothouse planet, most snowbound regions of Chriirah are restricted to high altitudes and were seldom visited until the advent of lightweight insulated clothing allowed the intrepid to explore these last terrestrial frontiers.

Already rare on Chriirah, the upheaval of The Fall and subsequent global temperate rise has left even fewer permanent snowbound peaks on the planet. The most spectacular of all tower above the inhospitable Kiln desert: the legendary First Mountains. 

To climb this ancient range in modern times requires considerable capital and influence; the region lies in the Kiln desert and remains largely lawless where not outright uninhabitable. All supplies have to airlifted or transported overland to establish a base of operations from which climbs can be co-ordinated. 

The isolation of the region is twofold: satellite communications post-Fall have been hampered by debris still filling most useful orbits. As such sat-phone services are exceptionally expensive for anyone without a personal stake in the space industry. High-powered radio transmitters and relay stations help climbers maintain contact with both basecamp and one another, but sudden storms and low temperatures can leave climbers cut off and vulnerable. 

The First Mountains are littered with spent oxygen bottles and iced radio equipment, but few bodies. Subsequent expeditions often feed on the preserved carcases of other climbers, carrying back choice parts for basecamp meals in celebration of the dead. Those engaged in the feasts would expect nothing less for themselves. 



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Shari-Vadamee Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hhh i would love to see the birrin in like a video game or something. this concept is pretty much one of the only reasons i haven't deleted my account.
(1 Reply)
Sanrou Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch! :D
ArchangelOfJustice12 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you make more Birrin stuffs please :)
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DyingMarshmallows Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017
I'm loving seeing non-human looking aliens for a change! Awesome designs!
(1 Reply)
ImpossibleGods Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017
I discovered you on twitter a while back and I'm honestly surprised you don't have a large following on there considering how popular you are on here.
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IdolaElohimAnlon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Have you made a written language as well as a list of symbols like numbers and other stuff?
(1 Reply)
nanoperception Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I saw your stuff years ago in a random 4chan thread, in particular Winding Down, I just found your deviantart, and I just wanna say your work is incredible! so flavorful, illicit and deep! Please keep making more!
(1 Reply)
Altair75 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017   Photographer
Hey, Alex.
You have said to have planned to make a novel one day. For some time, I have wondered, while looking forward to seeing it, what the storytelling would be like in it. While thinking of the latter, I have even considered of giving you advises on what kind of storytelling would likely fit in the writing. I would like to show them to you now as I still have them in my mind. But firstly, I have to point out that these ideas are merely my opinions and they might not necessarily be the best ones. After all, the point of showing these ideas is to help you in your magnificent world building. 

The ideas are these:
To me, since the Birrin's behavior would likely differ from us humans by an order of magnitude, it might be very difficult, if not impossible, to write their interaction in a form of a dialogue. I have imagined the narrator to be omniscient who tells the their action and thoughts through indirect description or reported speech.
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lydario Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Hey Alex, I'm a long time follower of your work, and appreciate all the care and research that goes into your otherworldly interpretations of what live may look like in other systems of life... and found myself wondering if you had any part in designing the alien life in the movie Arrival. There were a few features (primarily the tentacle hands) and the digits etc that seemed like a bit of a carry-over, not to mention a lot of your designs seem HEAVILY influenced by mollusks and specifically cephalopods! <3
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quiroz2 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Happy New Year!
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