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January 4, 2012
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Sardu Reef by Abiogenisis Sardu Reef by Abiogenisis
The oceans of the Birrin homeworld are populated by vast numbers of organisms, particularly the mid-latitude tropical zones on either side of the hostile equatorial 'Kiln'; a region of intense heat and violent storms. The surface waves and currents generated by these weather events create deep oceanic mixing, bringing nutrients to nearby surface waters and supporting the assemblages of life found there.

The birrin are at home in water, and many engage in swimming recreationally with or without the aid of SCUBA systems. Diving activities are associated with risks: as in this potentially dangerous encounter with the creature seen here.

Evolved from the same land-living ancestor as the birrin the Sardu, as they are locally known, are air breathing creatures of great strength and predatory skill. They range across most regions of the ocean, hunting diverse prey depending on local resources, and adjusting their strategies accordingly. All however rely on an extraordinary ability to generate powerful electric shocks via organs housed in their huge, elongated horizontal jaws. This allows them to stun entire schools of smaller organisms to consume at their leisure, or to probe their jaws into soft mud and detect, flush out kill benthic creatures of considerable size. The electrogenic organs also have a social purpose; and mating individuals compete to show both their ability to generate electricity, and to withstand the shocks of their adversaries. The small creatures that accompany sardu as commensals must also be tolerant of this hazard, and most swim to a safe distance during the closing stages of a hunt, moving in to feast on the scraps afterwards.

The birrin diver seen here may seem in danger, however it is experienced with the local sardu and knows it is not a part of their prey search image; the constant stream of bubbles generated by the SCUBA gear and bright wetsuit look so unlike the large bottom dwelling creatures it usually hunts that it does not view the birrin as food.
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Thank you for the use of this great creature in the Star Frontiersman ezine.

Altair75 Jan 25, 2014   Traditional Artist
I think that Sardu is as big as whale shark, if not bigger.

I like to ask you one question:
are Birrins very fast or agile swimmers, particularly without any diving equipment?

Anyway, this scene is beautiful.
The bubbles are one of my favorites.

And as always, great work Alex! :D (Big Grin) 
That Sardu thing looks like a freaking spaceship dude.
Feels like a cross between a shark and a whale...
hey, i'm new in the world of art and when i created my account in this website, i stumbled on one of your artwork. it was a MASTERPIECE. and ofcourse like other people i'm fall in love in your alien design. i read the comment on one of your artwork stated that you've been in this kind of thing for a past few years!?!?

seems like i've missing a lot of things.

i would love to see your work outside this website just so that i can learn more about birrin. do you have any blog or something like that?

anyway, this is a great piece of art :D

(sorry, bad english.)
Hey mate, most of my stuff is posted here but I do have some other sites.


thank you so much :D

i just can't get enough of birrin. ^^
I believe this... This is real.
Take me to your home planet, I want to take pictures of the Birrin too!
Aditya2 May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are sardus mammals, so are the birrins?
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