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February 6, 2013
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Kaybor-Kendi 'Tallantelli' Launch Vehicle by Abiogenisis Kaybor-Kendi 'Tallantelli' Launch Vehicle by Abiogenisis
Access to space has been achieved twice in Birrin history.

In the first age rocket technology advanced so far as to allow several moon landings and the construction of space stations, the remains of many still orbiting Chriirah in the modern era several thousand years later.

The second, post war age eventually saw a return of birrin rocketry, mostly reverse engineered from rediscovered ancient designs. With the expanding need for communication, navigational and military satellites many launch systems were developed, though few approached the versatility of the Tallantelli.

A mishmash of technologies, the Kaybor-Kendi Tallantelli launch vehicle was designed for versatility rather than specific requirements, allowing a Kaybor-led business consortium to service clients from around the globe. Taking off from large specialised runways, the Tallantelli carries its cargo piggyback propelled by 6 powerful turbojets and two huge linear aerospike engines. As the thinner upper atmosphere is reached the turbojets are shut down and their exhaust slot closed to improve aerodynamics, while the aerospikes automatically adjust their efficiency as the vehicle climbs towards space.

For many rockets the altitudes reached by these systems is sufficient and they are launched under their own power to achieve orbit. Heavy loads, or those with smaller propulsion systems may need and extra boost. Four conventional liquid rocket engines mounted in pairs beneath the aerospikes are ignited, pushing the vehicle ever higher and helping to maintain a nose-up attitude in the thinning atmosphere until launch altitude is reached.

With launch complete, the vehicle can then return to any number of specialised spaceports servicing the industry and land as a conventional aircraft, ready for another flight in only a few days.

Depicted is one of the most versatile configurations of the Tallantelli: The re-usable manned vehicle Tuum, launched from the Tallantelli with the help of a solid rocket booster, can carry relatively large payloads and more importantly complex construction and maintenance machinery into orbit, where it deploys them to build and repair space stations, satellites, and interplanetary spacecraft.
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Altair75 Mar 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
I've been imagining that in orbit many of the Birrin might experience S.A.S.
This means that it wouldn't always be enjoyable for them to be in a zero-g environment.

The technology of Birrin is so fascinating; alien, but not so different from ours!

And as always, great work Alex! :D (Big Grin) 
Actually most birrin dont like it at all, since they didnt evolve from primates they are poor climbers, so heights are dangerous to them. Most astronauts use drugs to reduce their anxiety on EVAs.
Altair75 Mar 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
You're right.
That's very necessary.
So...if the second Birrin space age was largely achieved through reverse engineering, is their current society compareable to that of Warhammer 40k's Imperium in any way? I don't necessarily mean that they're ruled by a massive theocracy that views any creativity as heresy, but that they don't fully understand the tech they use, and that some of it isn't so much being created as it is blindly copied.
Nah, the distance in time isnt so large and the technology of the previous birrin civilisation was not too advanced, so all the working machinery is understood. There are a few computer systems however that cant be decoded.
I really like it!!!
Whoo! SSTOs!
I was amused that this came up as I was searching Google for images of RLVs (reusable launch vehicles)
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