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October 5, 2012
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Abdul-Muhsi by Abiogenisis Abdul-Muhsi by Abiogenisis
The USV-3 'Abdul-Muhsi' is a space combat drone created and sold at low cost to the developing nations of the late 21st Century.

Launched from inexpensive single-use rockets in North Africa and South America, the drone blasts into orbit to intercept enemy targets. As it enters range, the protective shell of the launch vehicle falls away to reveal the weapon systems. If the target attempts to defend itself a small countermeasure capsule rockets away, taking guided missiles with it. When within striking distance the high powered laser opens fire on the objective, destroying it by superheating the fuel tanks or electrical systems.

With the laser fired, the power systems are fused and can never be used again. The drone then fires its engines one last time and enters a decaying orbit, destroying itself as it re-enters the atmosphere. Although expensive compared to simply launching a missile, the Abdul-Muhsi enjoys some success as it is immune to most anti-missile countermeasures, and with its long range laser does not have to be launched accurately to destroy its target.
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Probably part of the design by the nations that sell these weapons to the developing world is that the laser merely renders the target satellite nonfunctional rather than blowing it to bits, thus creating only one hunk of metal flying through space on its designated orbital course instead of a cloud of debris that threatens anything that comes near it for who knows how long.  The low cost of these weapons is likely to encourage developing nations to use these instead of anti-satellite missiles, thus protecting the major space-faring nations' interests in the orbital frontier.
Rievil Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What about RTG reactor with stirling (… ). I mean, it could flow over the orbit for at least one year, capable to fire laser and move for whole time. However, what kind of power generator was you thinking of? And I really like the ion thruster you made here. I always thought, that the best weapon for vacuum is Railgun. If the shells were made out of reactive matter (classic shells have bullet shell and explosive filling - basicly said; but reactive matter means, the whole matterial of bullet is capable of exploding. Great stuff, still in research over the world weapon laboratories) it could destroy about 1000 and more targets. But laser is more flexible i guess :-)
When you design machines, what references do you typically turn to for inspiration and as visual guides?
I usually dont use other art as inspiration: For this one I used photos of Soyuz, the international space station, and the anti mortar laser the IDF developed.
Tell me, is there anything Soyuz hardware can't do?
Original and the best!
SpaceCowboy5000 May 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work! :clap: I love both the design and the concept. Great to see some "hard" SF.
Tawnya Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me of the Soyuz capsule arrangement.
Yep, I nicknamed it the Killer Soyuz :)
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